Center for Quantum Technologies

A research center at IIIT-Delhi, New Delhi, India dedicated towards quantum technologies.



Materials & Devices


To become India’s leading knowledge development and dissemination hub dedicated towards quantum technologies.


  • To carry out interdisciplinary research and development in quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum materials and devices, to derive affordable solutions with a focus on India specific opportunities and requirements.

  • To develop skilled manpower at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels that can advance quantum technologies in India.

Faculty Members

Abhijit Mitra
Quantum key distribution networks
Anuradha Sharma
Quantum error-correcting codes
Debajyoti Bera
Quantum algorithms, quantum cryptographyHomepage
Ram Krishna Ghosh
Quantum electronics, spintronics, excitonicsHomepage
Sanat K. Biswas
Free-space QKD, satellite navigation,space-based systems
Satish Kumar Pandey
Quantum channels, entropy, non-local gamesHomepage
Sayak Bhattacharya
Photonics, single photon detectors
Sneh Saurabh
Nanoelectronics, neuromorphic computing
Subhabrata Samajder
Post-quantum cryptography

Post-graduate students (current)

PhD scholars

(registered at IIIT-Delhi)
  • Mr. Sagnik Chatterjee
  • Ms. Jaya Sharma
  • Mr. Rouf Rahman Sheikh
  • Ms. Amina Haroon
  • Mr. Abhinav Gupta
  • Ms. Jasmine Kaur
  • Mr. SAPV Tharrmashastha

PhD scholars

  • Mr. Devender Takhar (PhD from JNU)
  • Ms. Sunayana Bhardwaj (PhD from JNU)

Masters students

(registered at IIIT-Delhi)
  • Mr. Shivendra Singh (MTech)
  • Ms. Ekta Tiwari (MTech)
  • Mr. Akash Saxena (MTech)
  • Ms. Sanchita Saha (MTech)

Masters students

  • Mr. Ujjwal Chintis (MSR from IIT Delhi)